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Warehouse Management

With over 30 years of warehousing experience, Twin Oaks CEO Mark Bondurant sought to create solutions to the many pain points he and so many others encounter in a rapidly changing warehousing industry. Twin Oaks’ warehouse management system was personally created by Bondurant and his team of expert software engineers to provide a streamlined warehouse management software that is scalable for most any operation. At Twin Oaks, we believe that managing warehouse operations should be easy, efficient, and cost-effective. Twin Oaks WMS is designed to revolutionize the way you manage your warehouse, all while providing real-time  performance stats on our user-friendly dashboard, allowing you to manage your warehouse from anywhere, at any time.

Features to streamline your operation

Pick with Precision

Our WMS utilizes cost-effective Android devices and a mobile app that improves picking accuracy and inventory accuracy, increasing overall picking efficiency. With multiple pick methods including zone, cluster, combined bin, master carton, high demand, special destination, and pre-ticketed, you can choose the best option for your warehouse.

Inventory Accuracy at its Finest

Our automated sync report and high-priority cycle count ensures inventory accuracy. With min/max restocks and warehouse to warehouse moves, you can be sure that your inventory is always up-to-date.

Pack with Confidence

Our packing application requires packers to scan all items during the packing process, ensuring order accuracy. With cartonization and the ability to print customized packing lists and gift messages, you can be confident in the quality of your shipments.

Real-time Warehouse Performance

With real-time warehouse performance statistics, you can monitor productivity and quality across all employees by function. Our statistics engine facilitates employee performance reviews, bonus programs, and identifies areas for additional employee training.

Streamline Your Management

Our management tools monitor workforce activity and provide automated recommendations for positioning and repositioning staff to proactively eliminate operational bottlenecks. With metrics to prepare and plan for seasonal spikes, you can ensure proper staffing to meet service levels.

Quality Control

Our inbound and outbound quality control system allows for 100% QC or statistical sampling. You can specify QC targets at the employee, customer, and order level to ensure the highest quality products.

Efficient Receiving

Our inbound receiving system provides an efficient method for receiving inbound product. With tools to recommend pallet stacking, directed put away, and a fast closing process, you can be sure that your warehouse is always running smoothly.

Cost-saving Tools

Our WMS recommends shipping containers to minimize dimensional weight and save on shipping costs. With rate shopping at the ship container level and a rate comparison tool, you can ensure the lowest freight cost.

E-commerce and ERP Integration

Our WMS integrates with all major e-commerce platforms and seamlessly integrates with ERP systems, supporting order processing, fulfillment, inventory management, returns, product updates, and in-bound receiving.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our WMS integrates with Amazon Alexa and Thankful AI, enabling you to ask questions and receive answers in real-time. With integration with robotics systems, WCS, PLCs, and other material handling equipment, our WMS is at the forefront of technology.

Return Process Made Easy

With integration with Narvar, B2C returns are fast and efficient. Our WMS can receive return authorizations from your ERP system and quickly process unauthorized returns. The entire return process is streamlined, making it fast and easy for the end consumer.

Multiple Types of Customers

Our WMS has functionality for various types of customers, including direct to consumer (e-commerce), wholesale (B2B), and key accounts. With the ability to print a gift message on a branded gift card and meet unique labeling requirements, you can be sure that your customers are receiving the highest level of service.

Real results from real clients

Inventory Accuracy
Improved by


Average Days to Ship
Improved by


Expedited Order
Turnaround at Peak




Ship Station Processing
Improved by


Average Lines Picked per Hour
Increased by


Employee Record
Single Day LPH

175 lph

Reduced Daily Returns
Processing by

1 HR


$ 700,000

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