Quality control

Our inbound and outbound quality control system allows for 100% QC or statistical sampling

You can specify QC targets at the employee, customer, and order level to ensure the highest quality products. Get it right every time with Twin Oaks WMS automatic address validation and ensure that every order reaches its destination, avoiding any complications or delays.


Correct Bad Addresses: By validating the addresses before picking the orders, the warehouse team can correct any inaccuracies and typos in the address. This helps to prevent the order from getting lost in transit and increases the chances of a successful delivery.
Reduces Re-ships: Address validation reduces the number of re-ships by ensuring that the order is shipped to the correct address the first time. This saves time and reduces costs associated with re-shipments.
Carrier Compatibility: Check to ensure that the address is valid for the specific ship via selected. This eliminates any carrier issues such as PO box only addresses or addresses located in areas that are not serviced by a certain shipping method.
Easy Address Updates: Identifies orders with invalid addresses and the WMS web portal enables the customer service department to make updates to the address easily. This improves customer satisfaction and reduces the workload for the customer service department.
inventory boxes
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