Returns made easy

Twin Oaks WMS makes returns easy for both the customer and your team

Twin Oaks WMS integration with Narvar makes returns fast and efficient on both the customer and warehouse side. Receive return authorizations from your ERP system and quickly process returns with ease. The entire return process is streamlined and convenient for the end user.


Online Returns Processing: Narvar allows customers to complete the return process online, making it easy and convenient for them.
Rule Enforcement: Narvar enforces specific return rules, such as those for final sale items or items that do not qualify for returns, which helps reduce overall returns.
Return Analysis: Narvar captures the return reason for analysis by the company, which helps in understanding customer needs and improving the overall shopping experience.
Efficient Warehouse Processing: The integration of Narvar with the WMS provides the warehouse team with all the critical information about the return, such as the tracking number and the products and quantities being returned. This makes the warehouse returns process highly efficient, with just a simple scan of the tracking number needed to validate the items and quantities.
Sellable Inventory: The efficient processing of returns at the warehouse helps to ensure that returned products are in good condition and can be moved back into a sellable pick location, reducing waste and improving overall inventory management.
return process made easy

The results are astounding!

Reduced daily returns processing by 1 hour!
Return rules enforced for non-returnable product
Return analysis automated with return reason codes
Return shipping cost reduced with rules-based return options

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