Integrated solutions with ERP shipping carriers, WCS, Shopify, Narvar, Netsuite, Thankful AI and Amazon Alexa make Twin Oaks WMS


Integrating with new technology is essential in the evolving world of warehousing to streamline operations, improve customer experience, and stay competitive. A combination of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), shipping carriers, Warehouse Control Systems (WCS), Shopify, Narvar (an online return portal), and Thankful AI can make this possible.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): An ERP system integrates all aspects of a business, including inventory management, order fulfillment, and shipping. By providing real-time data on inventory levels, sales trends, and shipping information, an ERP system helps businesses make informed decisions and improve overall efficiency.
Shipping Carriers: Shipping carriers offer businesses the ability to track their shipments, providing valuable data on delivery times and shipping costs. With a shipping carrier, businesses can choose the most cost-effective and efficient shipping method for each order, helping to improve the customer experience.
Warehouse Control Systems (WCS): A WCS provides real-time data on the status of an order and helps businesses manage their warehouse operations more effectively. With a WCS, businesses can track the progress of each order from receipt to shipping, ensuring that orders are fulfilled accurately and efficiently.
Shopify: Shopify is an e-commerce platform that makes it easy for businesses to create and manage an online store. With Shopify, businesses can manage their inventory, process orders, and track shipments, all from one central location.
Narvar: Narvar is an online return portal that makes it easy for customers to initiate and manage returns. With Narvar, businesses can streamline their return process and provide a better customer experience by making returns simple and efficient.
Thankful AI: Thankful AI is an artificial intelligence platform that helps businesses improve their customer service and increase customer satisfaction. By using machine learning algorithms to analyze customer feedback, Thankful AI provides businesses with insights into their customer experience, helping to identify areas for improvement.


Receive real-time data, track orders, and stay informed every step of the way- completely hands-free! Twin Oaks WMS integrates with Amazon Alexa so warehouse managers can receive real-time updates, any time.

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