Efficient receiving

Our inbound receiving system provides an efficient method for receiving inbound product

With tools to recommend pallet stacking, directed put away, and a fast closing process, you can be sure that your warehouse is always running smoothly. Set your fulfillment operations up for success by receiving and storing inventory efficiently on the front-end. A poor warehouse receiving process can lead to stock control issues and higher operational costs. Twin Oaks WMS receiving tools ensures excellence and efficiency.


Automation of Receiving Process: Automate the receiving process by establishing a standardized receiving procedure. This standardization reduces the likelihood of errors and omissions during receiving. Speed up the process and reduce the time required to complete the receiving process.
Visibility and Accuracy: Access to real-time visibility into inventory levels and status help to improve inventory accuracy. This visibility helps with scheduling resources and space to accommodate incoming inventory.
Barcoding: Utilize barcoding to identify and track inventory, making the receiving process faster and more efficient, eliminating errors associated with manual data entry.
Integration with Other Systems: Twin Oaks WMS integrates with transportation management systems (TMS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to facilitate the receiving process. This integration reduces manual effort and improves the accuracy of data transfer between systems.
Prioritization and Assignment of Work: Prioritize receiving tasks based on various factors such as urgency, product value, or storage constraints. Assign work to specific employees or teams, streamlining the receiving process.

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