warehouse performance

Access real-time data with ease on our user-friendly dashboard

With real-time warehouse performance statistics, you can monitor productivity and quality across all employees by function. Our statistics engine facilitates employee performance reviews, bonus programs, and identifies areas for additional employee training.

user-friendly dashboard

or Just ask Alexa!

Twin Oaks WMS integration with Amazon Alexa allows the user to ask Alexa for real-time warehouse data, completely hands-free.


Improved inventory accuracy: Real-time warehouse performance data allows for accurate tracking of inventory levels, which minimizes stockouts and overstock situations.
Increased efficiency: Identify the bottlenecks in real-time and optimize workflows, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.
Better decision-making: Real-time warehouse performance data allows managers to make informed decisions on inventory control, labor management, and shipping, among other aspects of warehouse operations.
Enhanced customer service: Real-time warehouse performance data ensures that orders are processed and shipped quickly and accurately, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.
Cost savings: Improved inventory accuracy and increased efficiency can lead to significant cost savings, such as reduced labor costs and lower inventory carrying costs.

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