Revolutionizing Warehouse Operations: Twin Oaks WMS and Wearable Integration

Jun 5, 2023

What if we told you there’s a better solution to picking wearables that allows for more freedom, more accuracy, and less money spent on bulky equipment?

We are definitely telling you there is a better way.

Introducing Twin Oaks WMS integration with Vuzix Smart Glasses and Android Phones, two solutions that are taking the picking process to the next level.

Vuzix Glasses: Augmented Reality for Enhanced Productivity:

Vuzix glasses, equipped with augmented reality (AR) technology, provide warehouse staff with a heads-up display of crucial information while keeping their hands free. As pickers navigate the warehouse, Vuzix glasses overlay real-time data on their field of view, including item locations, quantities, and picking instructions. This integration eliminates the need for handheld scanners and paper-based lists, minimizing errors and significantly speeding up the picking process. This is a hands-free, real-time interaction with the WMS, resulting in efficiency and accuracy.

Mark Vuzix

Glasses aren’t your thing? No problem!

Android Phones: Mobility and Flexibility:

We know the hassle of wearing a clunky arm scanner. Not to mention, the price per device can be astronomical! That’s why we opted to integrate with something light weight and familiar: the Android Mobile Device. The integration of Twin Oaks WMS with Android phones brings mobility and flexibility to the picking process. Warehouse staff can access the WMS through dedicated mobile applications, allowing them to view and update inventory information, scan barcodes, and confirm picks on the go. Android phones also facilitate seamless communication between warehouse staff and supervisors, enabling real-time task updates and notifications. The ability to access WMS functions via familiar devices enhances user adoption and minimizes training requirements.

Charlene Android

Let’s talk benefits…

Increased Productivity

Wearable integration eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces travel time by providing optimized pick paths. Pickers can efficiently locate and retrieve items, resulting in a higher number of picks per hour.

Error Reduction

With real-time data displayed directly in their line of sight, pickers are less likely to make mistakes. The accuracy of pick and pack processes is significantly improved, reducing the number of costly errors and returns.

Improved Order Fulfillment

Wearables streamline the picking process by providing intuitive visual cues and step-by-step instructions. Pickers can quickly adapt to changing order priorities and handle complex picking tasks efficiently.

Enhanced Safety

Wearables promote a safer working environment by eliminating the need for handheld scanners, reducing potential tripping hazards. Additionally, real-time communication with supervisors via Android phones allows for quick resolution of any safety concerns or issues.

Improve your picking:

Rush Picking

In time-sensitive situations where orders need to be expedited, rush picking plays a crucial role. Twin Oaks WMS, integrated with wearables, empowers pickers to quickly identify rush orders through visual cues displayed on Vuzix glasses or Android phones. The system prioritizes these orders and guides pickers to the most efficient pick paths, ensuring prompt fulfillment without compromising accuracy.

Cluster Picking

Cluster picking involves consolidating multiple orders and picking them simultaneously, significantly improving efficiency. With Twin Oaks WMS and wearables, pickers receive real-time notifications on Vuzix glasses or Android phones, directing them to pick items for multiple orders in a single trip through the warehouse. This optimization minimizes travel time and maximizes productivity, resulting in faster order fulfillment.

Zone Picking

In large warehouses with multiple zones, zone picking assigns pickers to specific areas to streamline operations. Wearable integration allows pickers to access zone-specific picking instructions and inventory data on their Vuzix glasses or Android phones. They can efficiently navigate their designated zones, picking items according to the assigned zone’s requirements. This targeted approach minimizes congestion and enhances overall picking efficiency.

Future Possibilities: 

The integration of Twin Oaks WMS with wearables is just the beginning of an exciting technological revolution in warehousing. As technology continues to advance, we can expect further enhancements such as voice commands, gesture recognition, and predictive analytics. These developments will further optimize picking processes, minimize human error, and enhance overall warehouse performance.

Want to talk possibilities for your warehouse?

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