Is your WMS built for e-commerce?

Jan 23, 2024

E-commerce fulfillment market value has skyrocketed within the past 5 years, with projections continuing to trend upward. Globally, e-commerce fulfillment is projected to be valued at 125 billion in 2024 (source: Grandview Research). An estimated 13% to 15% of the global market relies on e-commerce, with shipping fulfillment being the most lucrative segment of the industry, and consumers are unwilling to wait weeks for products to arrive. How is your WMS e-commerce integration measuring up in this market? Take a look at Twin Oaks WMS featured e-commerce integration list this month:

ecommerce fulfillment

Take a look at Twin Oaks WMS featured e-commerce integration list this month:


There are 1.75 million active merchants selling using Shopify in 2024, with 4.8 million websites powered by Shopify across 175 countries. Experts predict that Shopify merchants will have over 700 million customers to cater to in 2024 (source: Demand Sage). One of the most important integrations warehouses are seeking is with all major e-commerce platforms and ERP systems. Twin Oaks WMS Shopify App automates inventory management, processes orders, and updates order fulfillment to provide “Amazon level” service.

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Narvar is an online return portal that makes it easy for customers to initiate and manage returns. With Narvar, businesses can streamline their return process and provide a better customer experience by making returns simple and efficient. It’s all about customer care, and Twin Oaks WMS integration with Narvar makes returns fast and efficient on both the customer and the warehouse side. Return authorizations are received from your ERP system and quickly processed with ease. Not to mention, Narvar analyzes returns and captures the return reason, which helps in understanding customer needs and improving the overall end user experience.


Thankful AI

We don’t want to take personalization out of customer care; we want to streamline it and make it even better! Introducing Twin Oaks WMS integration with Thankful AI. Thankful AI is an artificial intelligence platform that helps businesses improve their customer service and increase customer satisfaction. By using machine learning algorithms to analyze customer feedback, Thankful AI provides businesses with insights into their customer experience, helping to identify areas for improvement.

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The right WMS will serve as the backbone of your e-commerce warehouse. The ultimate goal is to reduce inefficiencies and enhance the end user experience. As we all know in this industry, competition is fierce and there is little room for error. That’s why Twin Oaks WMS has curated a solution that integrates seamlessly with all the tools you need for e-commerce success.

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