Signs that it’s time for a WMS

Mar 28, 2024

Transitioning to a Warehouse Management System (WMS) for the first time can feel like a very heavy decision. Even if you already have a WMS implemented, the thought of changing to a different platform can feel daunting. We get it! We know the risk and investment involved when faced with these choices, but we have also seen first-hand how choosing the right WMS can be a career maker. We want that for you.

So, you have a warehouse, or multiple, and you’ve been keeping it old-school. What are the signs that it’s finally time to step out and choose an automated system to run your operation? Our team has discussed this very topic with many (frustrated) warehouse managers over the years, and here is what we’ve experienced:

You’re still picking with paper

This is how many warehouse operations start: most business’s fulfillment operations start out small, with a fairly limited SKU base and a small staff of pickers. At this phase, paper-based picking of single orders makes sense- right? But as your operation grows, so should your picking process.

60-70 percent of warehouse labor costs come from the order-fulfillment process, so why would you not want to optimize this area?

Your business is growing, your orders are increasing, and the warehouse footprint is starting to expand. Your once simple pick paths have no grown longer, and an added workforce is rotating, replacing, and labor costs are mounting. Even the most experienced pickers will make mistakes trying to sustain the paper pick method under these circumstances. The right WMS will optimize your picking process to reduce error, cut down on travel time, and identify the right pick methods for your situation.

You are not meeting demanD

Not meeting demand when the world expects “Amazon level” service is damaging for any warehouse. The labor shortage is a harsh reality impacting businesses across all industries, and warehouses are feeling the pain as they struggle to fill positions while facing an ever-growing demand for fast order fulfillment. With fewer workers, processing orders takes longer, and customers are dissatisfied. Not to mention the operational costs increasing to pay existing workers overtime to get the job done.

Did you know? Online consumers spent $222.1 billion in the 2023 holiday season, a 4.9% jump over last year

There are so many benefits to leveraging a WMS to counteract this struggle. Everything moves faster when you have a system behind the scenes to automate tasks and streamline your order processing workflows. Orchestrating the movement of goods and tasks in the warehouse with WMS can significantly accelerate order processing, even with a reduced workforce.

You don’t have access to real-time data

As your warehouse and workforce grows, how are you making informed decisions about processes and location of pickers, inventory, etc.? If it’s “an educated guess”…guess what, you can do much better than that! A system like Twin Oaks WMS will help you determine who needs to go where and what needs to be happening, all based on real-time data from your actual warehouse. For example, check out our WMS dashboard! This provides warehouse managers with information like, pick zone hot spots, who the fastest picker is, who has made the most errors, how to rearrange your pickers, and the list goes on!


Having access to real-time data means your warehouse can respond faster to change. And if you’re in the warehouse industry, you are well acquainted with constant change. It’s all about agility and pivoting to take advantage of opportunities at a quicker rate. This can boost your efficiency tremendously and help you meet your goals.


Looking for the right WMS to help you reach your goals? We’re here to help you! Twin Oaks WMS is a fully functional, fairly priced solution that can fit the needs of a warehouse implementing it’s very first warehouse management system, or a large operation looking to change platforms for more optimization and features. You can start by requesting a 15-minute discovery call with our team by selecting a date and time here.

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